Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mesa Temple Lights

This Saturday we decided to go and see the Mesa Temple Lights.  It's really neat because during the entire month of December they have different groups sing for an hour every night.  We got to hear a local barbershop group sing and they were really good!  The weather was amazing and the lights were absolutely beautiful.

Jaxon was asleep for the first little bit while we were there.

They had a reflection pond in front of the temple that was gorgeous.

I think this picture is absolutely amazing.

Our perfect family.

Jaxon was so funny because he seemed overwhelmed by all the bright colors.  He just kept staring!  It was so cute!

We ran into one of Brandon's friends from work, Blake.

I just love his eyes....especially when they are open so wide!

He was very happy snuggled up next to Daddy.  I absolutely love Arizona weather!  It is late in December and we are wearing long sleeves at night and not even cold.  I love not having to bundle him so much and always worrying about him staying warm enough!  Arizona is definitely baby friendly!

My little punkin!

After the lights, we decided to try a new restaurant, Old Chicago.  We ordered a deep dish cheese pizza and it was fantastic!  Would totally recommend it!  Brandon fed Jaxon while we were waiting and he always makes the funniest faces when he gets burped.

He looks so scared!  Not sure why...

And of course, it wouldn't be a proper burping unless there was a little spit-up at the end.

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