Friday, September 2, 2011

Already One Week Old

I know- it seems like we have had a million photo shoots! Which, I guess we have! With the craziness of having a baby, moving to another state, and starting a new job, we decided to do his newborn pictures as soon as we could. One of my good friends was available and she did an amazing job! Just like last time, Jaxon was an absolute angel and did such a good job as we put him in some of the craziest positions! It is honestly amazing how flexible they are!

Cutest lips ever!

Our new family.

This is my favorite family shot.

I love the way he is always cocking his feet and twisting his tiny fingers and hands. Precious.
He couldn't be any sweeter even if he tried.

So sweet.
And stretch....

My favorite photo of the two of us.

Emily had some of the cutest accessories for baby photos! We couldn't resist!

Love him too much.

He is almost too pretty in this photo (if there is such a thing).


Had to throw in something sporty for Brandon.

So before I had Jaxon I was really wanting to be crafty and make something for him that was just from me. With my mom being huge into quilts I decided I would make my first quilt...ever! I picked out this material and my mom helped me find a pattern that wouldn't be too hard for me. I was able to finish it and I must say that I am super proud of it! And it wasn't even that hard! On the bottom we were able to stitch, "Love, Mommy" with my mom's machine.

Emily, who took these photos, was so excited that he let her move both his arm and foot out of the basket. She said she has been trying to get this pose for over a year and no baby would let her do it- except our little guy!

I just love the look on his face.

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  1. Kellie, I can't believe how adorable he is... well I actually can believe it. He even looks like a little boy, so handsome! I wish I could see you! Once our little one is born, I am making a bee line straight for Arizona to see you, or you are welcome to come see me! I am not due till end of April, you guys could come for spring time!!! Miss you!