Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Handsome Boys

These two right here are the love of my life!  What handsome boys I live with!  Lucky Mommy!  Now that Jaxon is getting bigger he is finally fitting into some of his cute church clothes.  I absolutely die every time we get him dressed.  I just want to eat him up!  Brandon found these cute church shoes to put on him (even though they are WAY too big for his little feet) and we decided to take a few pictures of the two boys together.

Yes, this is our Christmas tree.  No laughing.  The tree is too big for our apartment and so we had to leave the top off so it will fit.  Hopefully once we move into our home we won't have this problem next year :)

Mommy's handsome little boy!

He has gotten so good at smiling and laughing.  We are constantly doing everything we can to get a laugh!

Love him to pieces!

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  1. I can't believe how big Jaxson is already!!! He is so cute!